by tracybanaszynski

I am still, in my late thirties, working on feeling fully seen and kept in mind. I’m starting to understand that not feeling kept in mind contributes to my loneliness, despite knowing intellectually that I am anything but alone. In fact, I believe we are all connected and in this crazy, wild, hard, wonderful life together. And still I can sometimes feel quite alone.

I do not know where these issues came from, nor does it matter. (And I do not blame my own gentle, involved mother.) I work on them and myself now so that H might not have to. I work on myself and on being fully present with H, on making sure he sees me seeing him, on sitting with him through all of his experiences, and on welcoming all of his emotions.

This post, What Our Children Want Us To See, on Hands Free Mama resonated with me.

I see you H. And I always have you in mind.