by tracybanaszynski

Some Things I Want to Remember About the Toddler* I Have Right Now

The way he hooks his left arm around my right when I hold him. That he gets excited about the bucket swing at the park, opening and closing any kind of door, and the morning light cast on the walls through windows and blinds. The way he navigates while in my arms by shifting his weight and pointing his tiny index finger this way and that. His laughter. The not so subtle way he pulls at my shirt to let me know that he would like some milk right now thank you very much. The grand jetes he does while nursing side lying. The way his arms thrust from his body and his legs scissor in and out in full body expression of his excitement. The seriousness with which he studies his board books. The way he flips onto his belly and races with laughter to the foot of the bed to practice pulling up, over and over, at bedtime. His open mouthed kisses. The warmth of his head against my cheek as we settle together in bed. That he is, even though a toddler, still my baby.

*H is a toddler. A toddler!