by tracybanaszynski

The letter at storytime today was H (h).

We heard stories about helping, including Lucky Ducklings by Eva Moore.

We sang Helping Hands:

When I see someone fall down
I will lift them up.
If they’re lying on the ground
I’ll use my helping hands.


Helping hands helping one another.
I’ll do all I can with my helping hands.
If my Mommy is the cook
And the baby’s crying,
I will read to him a book
And use my helping hands.

[Repeat chorus]

If my Daddy is alone
Working in the garden,
I will help him weed and hoe
With my helping hands.

[Repeat chorus]

Hands should never hurt or fight
Or make someone unhappy.
Do some good and make things right
With your helping hands.
Helping hands helping one another.
Let’s do all we can with our helping hands.


Oh, let’s do all we can with our helping hands.
Oh, let’s do all we can with our helping hands!

The early literacy tip was about singing:

“Whistle while you work! It’s not just Mary Poppins who can make work fun by singing a song. Getting help doing something can be as simple as making it into a song. It doesn’t have to be anything official…just pick a familiar tune, and put your own words to it! Not only are you making it more fun, but you’re helping your kids hear the beats and phrasing inherent to language…important building blocks to reading!”