by tracybanaszynski

H is standing at his toy bin. He has one hand on it, but casually, like he doesn’t really need it there. He fishes out the musical turtle, leaning his buddha belly against the bin so that he can hold the toy with both hands. He shifts his weight back just slightly so that his body lifts away from the bin, and for three, maybe four seconds, he is standing unassisted. For three, maybe four seconds, my world stops. We are suspended in time, me and H, him standing, me sitting, my heart swelling, every cell in my body vibrating with love, excitement, and pride. The feelings ping around, crashing into each other and pushing against my skin, and the tension of it makes me feel as though I might burst. Then H gently puts his hand back on the toy bin. He lets go of the turtle, drops to his knees, and crawls away. My world moves again.