by tracybanaszynski

H peed on the floor during diaper free time today. I sprayed carpet cleaner on the pee spot and scrubbed it with paper towel. While I was scrubbing, H tipped over the carpet cleaner with the spray nozzle pointed exactly where he had peed. He grabbed the paper towel from me and scrubbed the spot just as I had been doing. When he was done, he handed the paper towel back and returned happily to putting B. blocks in a box of his outgrown clothes.

H does things like this.

He stabs at the deadbolt with my house key. He wiggles a toothbrush around in his mouth. He lifts his wooden baby comb to his head. He places his shoes and socks on his feet when he wants to put them on. He puts tissue over his nose and shakes his head while breathing in and out. He points at my shoes when he wants to go outside. He dabs at his mouth with a napkin. He insists that we hang up our coats when we come home.

H learned to do all of these things and more by observing the people and events in his environment. What else is he learning by observing? My intuition says quite a lot, including things I do not realize I am modeling for him. These things H does are adorable, yes, and also good reminders of how powerful an example I am to him. I am ever mindful.